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Lewis Hamilton Turkish Grand Prix 2020 7 Times World Champion


Driver(s) Lewis Hamilton
Team Mercedes
Season 2020
Race Törökország
Manufacturer Spark
Scale 1:5

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Manufacturer article number: 5HF053
Model: 5HF053
Availability: Available
1:5 scale model of Lewis Hamilton's helmet for the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix.
Maximum volume of the order: 2!


The British-born driver was in contention for his 7th world title in the 2020 season, which he secured at the Turkish Grand Prix. The FIA has decided to abolish the rule, now in its fifth year, that drivers are only allowed to change the look of their helmets once during the season. The voices against the restriction were most vocal last year, when Daniil Kvyat was refused permission to "dress up" his helmet for the Russian weekend to pay homage to his home race, on the grounds that he had already used up his one-time-a-year limit.

The incident caused quite a stir, with Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen, as well as Lewis Hamilton himself, speaking out on the matter, all of whom strongly criticised the self-styled "style police". The world champion even asked his fans for their opinions on his social media page, and it was clear from the responses that no one was in favour of the crackdown. Perhaps this is what led to this provision being repealed by 2020, giving drivers the freedom to use their imagination again on a weekend-by-weekend basis.

In an interview with Gentleman's Journal magazine, Hamilton revealed that he has been involved in helmet design since he was a young boy - 12 years old to be precise - to the extent that he used to be able to spend a significant part of his day doing it, and that enthusiasm and creativity has not waned. The defending champion has also told the magazine that he is looking to slow down this year and settle on a single design. He also revealed that his dominant colour for 2020 is purple, which has been his favourite since childhood and which he is determined to keep for the rest of the season. But the basic concept has changed for the start of the season, with black replacing white as Hamilton's way of standing up for the Black Lives Matter movement. Spark has brought us a 1:5 scale model of this helmet, designed by the world champion, which will be a stunning addition to any collection.

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