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Gift card (50000 HUF)

Manufacturer article number: PLMGIFTCARD50
Availability: Available
Not sure what the best present should be? Do you want to leave the choice to him/her? Or would you just make a surprise with something undefined?
Birthday, Christmas or just so. Whatever the occasion success is guaranteed with Pit Lane Modelshop gift cards.
Be sure to read the detailed description!
Value: 50000HUF


The gift card is available in two forms. This product is a plastic card that is placed in a cardboard case. This makes the surprise passable and tangible.
The card must be used at the time of purchase by redeeming the coupon code on it. The final amount of the cart will be changed immediately.
The card will be mailed by Post to the address provided when ordering.

Important information about the gift card:
- the plastic card contains a purchase coupon code on the back, which can be used for one year from the date of purchase
- the coupon code can be used only for registered Pit Lane Modelshop customers. Before use registration is needed
- the coupon code and the amount that can be used cannot be redeemed for cash
- the coupon code can be used once, there is no "residual" value. The unused amount can no longer be used for new purchases
- the coupon is not valid for promotional products and postage
- the coupon is not personal, it expires after the first use. Pit Lane Modelshop will not be liable for any loss or unauthorized use.

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